Monday, July 25, 2011

A Place Called Blessing

This was a heart wrenching story about a young man who lost his parents and was separated from his brothers. From the very first page my heart was touched to think of a person going through all these things. The first few pages had me hooked and I couldn’t put the book down. I finished it in a few hours. Because it was written so well, I could feel everything the main character was going through. The character went through unimaginable trials and was searching for God through it all. Even though the novel was not a real story, I am sure that there are stories like this one. After reading this book, it made me want to reach out and help some of the kids in foster care. The ending was a surprise and it made the book so much better and much sadder at the same time. This book made me realize how blessed my life is to not have experienced any of the things that the character did. This book led me to a deeper understanding of trials and suffering and how God is there through them all.

The Dragons of Chiril

What a fun fantasy book! This novel was unlike all the other books I have read. It was creative and imaginative and so many different levels. I loved all the characters and their personalities were one of a kind. I loved Tipper and her band of dragons. I wanted to jump right into the story and meet all the characters and play with the dragons. The story line was very interesting and kept my attention throughout the book. I really liked that the book relayed Christian values and principles throughout. Some of them I already knew and some make me think. I really enjoyed comparing the books and its concepts to the Bible. I enjoyed using my imagination and I loved the descriptions of the make-believe creatures. The end however left me a little empty. Either there should be a sequel or the book should have resolved a few more issues than it did. It mentioned things that were never tied up. I was waiting for the resolution and it never happened, so I thought it was lacking. It left me a little dissatisfied, but I still like the book a lot.