Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dragons of Chiril

What a fun fantasy book! This novel was unlike all the other books I have read. It was creative and imaginative and so many different levels. I loved all the characters and their personalities were one of a kind. I loved Tipper and her band of dragons. I wanted to jump right into the story and meet all the characters and play with the dragons. The story line was very interesting and kept my attention throughout the book. I really liked that the book relayed Christian values and principles throughout. Some of them I already knew and some make me think. I really enjoyed comparing the books and its concepts to the Bible. I enjoyed using my imagination and I loved the descriptions of the make-believe creatures. The end however left me a little empty. Either there should be a sequel or the book should have resolved a few more issues than it did. It mentioned things that were never tied up. I was waiting for the resolution and it never happened, so I thought it was lacking. It left me a little dissatisfied, but I still like the book a lot.

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