Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson

First of all, can I say this cover is gorgeous? I love all the floral watercolor. There are also bits of it throughout the book. Now on to the review.... one thing in this book did well was being relatable to the everyday mother. While there are truths that apply to everyone, this is written to mothers, for mothers. It helped me feel like I was not the first mom to go through utter chaos and feel like a failure who has nothing left. That part was reassuring.
The part I felt needed improvement was that I was waiting through the entire book for some revolutionary thought to come through and change the way I viewed the world. I never got there. I did find some basic truths the at were very good to hear, but I had already heard them. I didn't feel quite as inspired as I thought I would.
Even though this book was not as mind-blowing as I believed it would be, I still recommend it as a good read for all moms. 

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