Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett

I really enjoyed this book. I have been a bit disenchanted with reading the last few months but this book sparked my interest and I loved it so much. The author went into perfect descriptions of the setting and characters and I felt like I was there. Reading about the cold in the mountains made me think I needed a jacked in the hot summer weather. I got so caught up in her descriptions of the people. There were some who made me grit my teeth and some that made me laugh. You will enjoy reading this one and being reminded of seeing God in the nature around you every day.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Kindness Challenge

I selected this book thinking I was just going to enjoy a nice book and get some encouraging words, but this was such a surprise! I really had to take a look at my attitude that I had toward people and things in my life and find the gratefulness and kindness I have within. I have the best husband and he has benefitted from this challenge also.

This book is for everyone. It challenges even the most kind person to look in on themselves and reflect on their thoughts and behaviors. It is easy to understand and apply to life. I highly recommend having a highlighter or pen (if you are the type to write in books) because you will want to remember some of these great insights. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Acrylic Painter by James Van Patten

Honestly, this is not a good introduction to acrylic painting. Yes, I liked the cover, but after only a few pages in, I realized that this book was not going to be a light, fun learn about acrylic painting. I expected this book to be more about cute techniques and creating fun images, but it turned out to much more dreary than that. If you are looking for a book about acrylic painting that focuses more on how to create realistic paintings instead of abstract, this might be the book you want. I couldn't get past all the technical jargon to find the real content of the book. Not a good starting book for beginner painters.

I received this book free for review from Blogging for Books.